Mentawai Ocean-Front Bungalows


The Mentawai Surf Retreat consists of three comfortable, secure, and spacious hillside bungalows. Each handcrafted bungalow accommodates 3-4 guests, and is designed to soak in the ocean breeze to keep you cool.

Spacious En Suite Toilet & Bath


A beautiful indoor/outdoor en suite bath with tropical backdrop is at the rear of each bungalow. The large and spacious bathrooms have drop-down screens, western toilets, high pressure showers, and a separate entrance to help keep your bungalow clean and sand free.

Privacy & Comfort


All bungalows are spacious and private, providing a unique setting in paradise. Locally handcrafted, they combine the traditional Mentawai methods with the modern luxuries of the western world.

Private Deck & Incredible Views


Each bungalow boasts its own private deck for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Perched on a hillside, overlooking the surf with islands in the distance, you will experience the perfect backdrop for every sunset. These are the views postcards are made of…