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Mentawai Surf Camp

Score Perfect Waves in the Mentawai Islands

Welcome to Metawai Surf Retreat, a surf camp in the Northern Mentawai Islands.

Stay in one of three luxury bungalows with over 25 world-class waves nearby.

The Perfect Location

Just 5 minutes from your bed to the peak. With Pit Stops right out front, and E-Bay just a short walk away, scoring perfect surf has never been easier. 

Over 25 Waves Nearby

No matter the conditions, there is always a wave working nearby. You will have access to some of the best surf in the world.

Small Groups Only

Small resort with an intimate setting, providing the experience of scoring perfect waves with less crowds. Accommodating a maximum of 6-10 guests per stay.

Easy Speedboat Transfer

Guests will enjoy a fast, easy, and comfortable trip to and from the retreat.

Private Beach-Front Bungalows – An Ideal Surfing Vacation

  • Open Air Restaurant & Bar Over Looking the Waves
  • TV / DVD Lounge
  • Perfect for Groups of Friends, Couples, & Families
  • 6-10 Guests Maximum / Trip
  • Eco Bungalows
  • Pristine Tropical Location

Mentawai Surf Retreat is located on Nyang Nyang island, in the pristine northern Mentawai Islands. This amazing tropical island get away is designed to cater for our guests every need, in and out of the water.

The retreat consists of a spacious beach front lounge restaurant/bar combined with luxurious and private hillside bungalows. For surfers, the idyllic set-up of world class waves in every direction including directly off the beach out front, means an abundance of choice for waves to suit all levels of surfing.

With a maximum of 6-10 guests per stay, attention to detail is our focus, ensuring everyone has a unique and personalized experience in this lush tropical setting.

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Guest Testimonials

The only downside to this trip is leaving… I’m still in a post MSR fog. I’m sure I can cure it with a return trip as soon as possible. It was truly the best trip I’ve ever had. Jeff, Erin, Brent & Terry were the perfect hosts in every sense, and thank you all!
Geoffrey C., September 2014
Boom! Surf central in a great, quiet boutique resort. A real Menatawai experience with all the creature comforts. Expert hosts and epic food. Having Pitstops a stones throw from my bungalow was just epic. The boys looked after us and all the breaks were in easy reach. All abilities in our group were catered for and the photos were top notch!
Ben S., June 2014